Carbon Offsets and the 15NTC: The results are in!

NTEN loves bringing the nonprofit technology Community together and always looks forward to the NTC as one of the highlights of our year. However, all the travel and festivities around a large event like this take a toll on the environment. While we do our best to cut down on the amount of paper and signage used and the amount of food wasted, there are lots of things beyond our control.

That’s why we are really excited to share that the 15NTC this March in Austin, Texas, NTEN had its first ever Carbon Emission Offsets Sponsor—Intacct! Through their generous sponsorship, we were able to offset 971 metric tonnes of CO2. That’s a huge number! What does it mean?

Just to give you an idea, 971 metric tonnes of CO2 is equivalent to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from:

  • 204 passenger vehicles
  • 348 tons of waste sent to the landfill
  • 49.8 garbage trucks of waste recycled instead of landfilled

That many tonnes is also equivalent to the CO2 emissions from:

  • 1,042,965 pounds of coal burned
  • 12.9 tanker trucks’ worth of gasoline
  • 5.2 railcars worth of coal burned
  • 25,399 incandescent lamps switched to CFLs
  • 88.6 homes’ energy use for one year
  • 109,261 gallons of gasoline consumed

These numbers are scary, but thanks to Intacct, we’ve been able to partner with to help mitigate the effects of our event. is a nonprofit organization that works to educate the public about the dangers of climate change and helps individuals, businesses, and organizations reduce their climate impact. When someone makes a donation, purchases and retires offsets on their behalf from one of the various projects they support around the world, from renewable energy and energy efficiency to reforestation. The CO2 emitted from the 15NTC through attendee and staff travel, hotel nights, and meals will be offset through the purchase of carbon credits that support forestry preservation and replanting projects in Texas and other parts of the Southern United States.

We hope you’ll join us in thanking Intacct for their help in making the 15NTC our greenest event ever.

Eileigh Doineau
Arriving at NTEN has been a happy bend in the road for Eileigh, who comes from a background in environmental design and English literature. After a year in AmeriCorps teaching environmental education, a summer in Africa working with communities to protect local natural resources, and a master’s thesis on design and community engagement, she ventured into the nonprofit realm. Though Eileigh loves to get her hands dirty out in the real world, she recognizes that technology is a transformative tool of empowerment and is delighted to be helping others make the most of it.