Burqueños and beyond

This September, we are partnering with the Center for Nonprofit Excellence to host two days of learning, sharing, and dreaming big about digital campaigns and digital access. The Nonprofit Tech Roundup is designed to help nonprofit staff make connections, find new tools, and steer strategies for successful online fundraising, communications, and more. We are thrilled to partner with CNPE to bring these topics to New Mexico.

I chatted with Amanda Douglas, the Communications Manager at CNPE, recently about the Roundup. Check out what she is looking forward to and how you can learn with her in Albuquerque, this September.

Two days to learn about digital strategy—what are you looking forward to learning?

All the things! More specifically, I want to pick up techniques for developing a strong brand and tips for building a culture of communication within my own nonprofit.

This is also an awesome opportunity for Roundup participants to connect and share with each other. Is there a tip or new tool you would share?

If you’re handling communications in any capacity at your organization, create an editorial calendar and breathe a sweet sigh of relief! An editorial calendar will help you track what is actually communicated, when, and where. Let it show you the way!

What questions will you be asking other participants?

Nonprofits that communicate well are also really good at listening to their communities. I want to know what mechanisms other nonprofit professionals are using to engage their communities.

We are looking forward to Dr. Traci Morris’ keynote. Is there something from Traci’s work you’re looking forward to hearing about?

As a Communications Manager working for an organization with the mission to strengthen the capacity of nonprofits, I’m very interested in how rural, tribal, and urban communities in New Mexico engage with technology in their work. The digital divide is real in this state. Many New Mexicans, including Burqueños, do not have access to broadband internet. So, we’ll be front and center when Dr. Morris shares her work on digital inclusion and the development of broadband networks in Indian Country.

Why do you think nonprofit staff throughout the region should join us?

There are 3 essential reasons nonprofits communicate:  fundraising, helping others understand the mission of programs, and advocacy.  Whether you work in development, direct services, or community outreach, success depends on your ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders and the community at large.  And, because you wear 10 hats you have no choice but to be strategic about it.

The Nonprofit Tech Roundup will kick start your strategy with the practical skills and actionable plans you need to create change and communicate your work’s impact.

Amy Sample Ward
Driven by a belief that the nonprofit technology community can be a movement-based force for positive change, Amy is NTEN’s CEO and former membership director. Her prior experience in direct service, policy, philanthropy, and capacity-building organizations has also fueled her aspirations to create meaningful, inclusive, and compassionate community engagement and educational opportunities for all organizations. Amy inspires the NTEN team and partners around the world to believe in community-generated change. She believes technology can help nonprofits reach their missions more effectively, efficiently, and inclusively, and she’s interested in everything from digital equity to social innovation.