October 1, 2014

Beyond the Idea Accelerator with Rebecca Reyes: “Text, Talk, Act”

accelerator_logo_xsmall.jpegAs the grand finale to NTEN’s first-ever Leading Change Summit, a number of intrepid 14LCS attendees pitched and developed 24 awe-inspiring projects during the Idea Accelerator.

The Idea Accelerator was designed by LimeRed Studio’s Emily Lonigro Boylan, Owner and Creative Director, and Demetrio Cardona Maguigad, Director of Strategic Design, who teamed up with NTEN to carry out the finale event.

The Summit may have ended, but many of these projects are only beginning. Today, we want to introduce you to “Text, Talk, Act,” an idea pitched by Rebecca Reyes and her team.

rebecca_1.jpgWhat is Text, Talk, Act?
Text, Talk, Act is a one-hour conversation with 3-5 people with discussion questions sent via text. There are some opportunities to text in response to questions, allowing for a statewide, regional, or national conversation on a particular topic. We’ve done several rounds of Text, Talk, Act on the topic of mental health, and it has been a great way to reach young people. Our goal is to make this idea/platform available for other issues, and to look for a way to make it sustainable.

Who could use this?
Nonprofits and community groups could use this platform to target people ages 13-26 to start conversations on important topics.

What does this project need?
Funders and people/partners interested in helping to develop this platform on other issue areas (you could be interested in using this idea for a particular issue and/or interested in the idea in general)

What’s next for this project?
Gather statistics about who has participated, solicit ideas for using this platform for other issue areas, and develop a plan for sustainability.

Rebecca Reyes is Communications Manager for Everyday Democracy.

Read more about the Idea Accelerator and pitched projects on NTEN’s blog.

Steph Routh
Steph is Content Manager at NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network. She has spent over a decade in the nonprofit sector, with a focus on organizational development, communications, fundraising, and program planning. Steph served as the first Executive Director of Oregon Walks for five years prior to joining NTEN. She is passionate about removing barriers to opportunities and finding equity at the many intersections of social justice work. And she feels lucky every day she is at NTEN, with a Community that does exactly that. Outside the NTEN office, Steph is the Mayor of Hopscotch Town, a consulting and small publishing firm that inspires and celebrates fun, lovable places for everyone. Steph is married to her bicycle and an aunt of two.