2016 Nonprofit Benchmarks

Excitement! Exhilaration! X-axes! It’s time for Benchmarks X, our tenth in-depth report with M+R on the state of nonprofit online fundraising, advocacy, marketing, and more.

>> Download Benchmarks X: The 2016 Benchmarks Report

Benchmarks X is the most expansive, exhaustive examination of online nonprofit metrics we’ve ever done. Our participants—105 nonprofits committed to causes ranging from civil rights to animal welfare to disaster relief to so much more—provided detailed data on email performance, website traffic, and social media engagement. A few key findings:

  • Digital ads are a big, big deal. Nonprofits in our study spent an average of $0.04 for every dollar raised online in 2015. That means, for example, that a nonprofit that brought in $1 million online invested $40,000 on search, banners, branding, etc. Detailed breakdowns will tell you if you’re falling behind in this fast-growing area.
  • Online revenue was up 19% in 2015, and email revenue grew even faster with a 25% increase. But it’s not all sunshine and roses: email open rates, click-through rates, and response rates all declined. Benchmarks X will clue you in to the metrics you need to watch.
  • Nonprofit online programs are increasingly complex. See how your peers, colleagues, competitors, frenemies, and nemeses approach email frequency, welcome series, paid ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. And see how those strategies are paying off.

>> Download Benchmarks X: The 2016 Benchmarks Report

If you have any questions about the study, contact our friends at M+R at benchmarks@mrss.com, or tweet them @mrcampaigns with #benchmarksx.

Allison Jones
Allison is a Brooklyn girl, currently living in Jersey, who’s passionate about making the world a better place. As NTEN’s Marketing and Publications Director, she gets to create and share resources that will help nonprofit professionals leverage technology for social change. When not working, you can find her gossiping with her colleagues, making a mess in her kitchen, or hanging out with one of her five younger siblings.