Austin-ites: Join the 15NTC Sustainability Committee!

NTEN loves bringing the nonprofit technology community together, but we realize that our flagship event generates a tremendous amount of waste and CO2. As we’re all working to strengthen the nonprofit sector, it’s critical for us to be conscious of our social and environmental impact.

This year – we need your help! While NTEN is taking steps to ensure that the conference experience within the Austin Convention Center is socially and environmentally conscious, there’s a lot more we can be doing to ensure that participants are informed of all green options within and outside of the Convention Center.

We are looking for new Sustainability Committee members, preferably those that are either based in Austin or are familiar with the Austin area, to help share their local knowledge to steward a green experience.

Sound intriguing? Here’s what’s involved with being a committee member:

  • Ability to participate in a monthly phone call to identify new goals and to review progress made toward goals
  • Willingness to do occasional ‘homework’, such as research or reaching out to potential partners, vendors, etc (no more than 1-2 hours per month)
  • Respond to occasional emails
  • Write blog posts for NTEN about social and environmental options in Austin
  • Help your peers in the NTEN Community move toward a commitment to sustainability and stewardship by promoting the Committee’s work on social media channels and sharing blog posts.

We are determined to make this the greenest NTC ever, and this year we have a huge advantage: the Austin Convention Center is LEED Gold Certified, so we can be sure they have our interests at heart.

Here’s a glimpse into what we are working on so far for 2015:

  • Travel offset program
  • Ride-share program
  • Composting of food and utensil waste at hotel
  • Ethically-sourced and reusable tote bags, registration materials, and tchotchkes
  • Reduction of paper-waste by offering digital collateral option for vendors
  • Banning plastics and Styrofoam
  • Digital program guide
  • Plant-based ink printing
  • Reusable and/or recyclable signage
  • Local food sourcing–organic and seasonal when possible

Let us know by October 30 if you’re interested in joining the committee. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact NTEN’s Development Manager, Eileigh Doineau at

Eileigh Doineau
Arriving at NTEN has been a happy bend in the road for Eileigh, who comes from a background in environmental design and English literature. After a year in AmeriCorps teaching environmental education, a summer in Africa working with communities to protect local natural resources, and a master’s thesis on design and community engagement, she ventured into the nonprofit realm. Though Eileigh loves to get her hands dirty out in the real world, she recognizes that technology is a transformative tool of empowerment and is delighted to be helping others make the most of it.