At the 13NTC: Announcing the NTENnies

While we’re grateful to all members of NTEN, there are, of course, those of you who go beyond the proverbial “call of duty” and impact the NTEN community by providing extra time, resources, and wisdom to assist NTEN’s work in this sector. We call you “rockstars” here on this blog (a lot), but each spring, at NTEN’s annual conference, we like to do more than that. We like to annoint a new crop of these nonprofit tech warriors with their very own set of aNTENnae, signifying their special contributions to this special community.

Today, at the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Minneapolis, we unveiled the #13ntc NTENnies and their unique contributions to the NTEN community:

Most likely to . . .

  • Put out fires with a webinar: Kelly McIvor
  • Volunteer before you know you need help: Ash Shepherd
  • Live in the cloud and help us get there: Tal Frankfurt
  • Send you the great idea you didn’t have yet: Cindy Leonard
  • Always answer the NTEN call to serve: Marlina McKay
  • Have already created the script for that: Jason Samuels
  • To tweet from a national park: Missy Longshore
  • Moderate your conversation: Victoria Smith
  • Herd cats, this is not his first rodeo: Ted Fickes
  • Bring a crowd to the party: Jim Nickerson
  • Write an awesome article for your newsletter with an hour’s notice: Steve MacLaughlin
  • Not believe he’s an NTENny winner but offer to help present: Jereme Bivins
  • Be introducing herself to you right now: Eva Penar

You can learn more about them and see them in their aNTENnae here.