Apply for the 2020 Nonprofit Technology Readiness cohorts

For more than a decade, NTEN’s research has consistently shown that nonprofit staff have the tools they need to do their work, but don’t have the training and support to use those tools well. For many organizations, some of the most significant barriers to successful program expansion, staff effectiveness, and fundraising are connected to technology planning, training, and investment.

NTEN’s goal is to significantly elevate nonprofits’ technology capacity by strengthening their knowledge of best practices for technology planning, budgeting, and decision making.

The Nonprofit Technology Readiness (NTR) program is a six-month cohort teaching nonprofit professionals the core skills they need to make technology decisions across an organization. They’ll then receive support as they apply these skills in advancing a technology project their organization needs.

We are thrilled to open applications for two national cohorts.

Data Empowerment cohort

US-focused, funded by Fidelity Charitable Trustees’ Initiative

For many years, organizations heard that they needed to be “data-driven,” so many became overly focused on numbers that weren’t necessarily connected to their mission or impact. Then they heard they needed to be “data-informed’ and tried to mix data with user stories and experiential feedback. Now organizations struggle to decide if data should be a focus or not and how it supports decision making, reporting, storytelling, and impact evaluation.

Organizations in this cohort may be interested in data projects contributing to programs, communications, fundraising, or impact evaluation.

Learn more and apply for the Data Empowerment cohort.

Digital Success cohort

US-focused, funded by Okta for Good

Even before COVID-19, technology was changing the way that every nonprofit pursued its mission. For many, the global pandemic has forced an acceleration of those changes. Okta and NTEN have both seen the immediate impact of COVID-19 on the nonprofit sector, with organizations making technology decisions amidst significant uncertainty. In response, Okta for Good (Okta’s social impact initiative) has sponsored a nationwide NTR cohort to support nonprofit staff currently addressing critical technology challenges.

Whether your organization is looking to integrate its disparate systems, increase its security, or create an inclusive IT roadmap for the coming year, this is a unique opportunity combining training, coaching, and direct support to help you increase your capacity for digital success.

Learn more and apply for the Digital Success cohort.

Applications are accepted through September 8, 2020, for nonprofit staff from U.S. organizations. We encourage staff from all job types and missions to apply.

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