Announcing the 2017 NTENny Award winners

It’s time for the 10th annual NTENny Awards! 🎉

Each year NTEN recognizes those who regularly go above and beyond to assist NTEN staff and support the community. Their generosity with their time, knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm helps create the inclusive, welcoming, and supportive culture that makes the NTEN community great.

This year’s awardees include several NTC steering committee members, presenters, and attendees; an NTEN board member; organizers of NTEN’s Drupal, WordPress, and Data online community groups; champion online community discussion starters; an NTEN membership committee member, a former NTEN Digital Inclusion Fellow; and a Nonprofit Technology Professional Certificate participant, recipient, and faculty member. All of them are 💯.

We encourage you to read more about these fabulous folks and give them a hearty congrats when you run into them around the community. Without further ado…

Adrienne Figus: Most likely to… knit together the NTEN community.
Ben Bisbee: Most likely to… go from NTC newbie to NTEN champion in record time.
Deb Socia: Most likely to… be NTEN’s matchmaker and resource-sharer and bridge the digital divide.
Jess Snyder: Most likely to… share her knowledge, from Drupal to collaborative notes, and beyond.
Judy Freed: Most likely to… invite others to the table with thoughtfulness and care.
Maegan Ortiz: Most likely to… do it all, with style and authenticity.
Marc Baizman: Most likely to… find the resource you need to get you out of a tight spot.
Redante Asuncion-Reed: Most likely to… get the conversation party started with a great question.
Shauna Edson: Most likely to… live and breathe digital inclusion best practice.
Tara Collins: Most likely to… create friendly, welcoming community spaces, both online and IRL.

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Bethany Lister
Community Engagement Manager