Allison Jones & Megan Keane: Thank You!

While change is inevitable for an organization with a mission like NTEN’s—one that supports the use of disruptive technology to further social change—it is always difficult to say goodbye when anyone leaves the NTEN staff in pursuit of other adventures. The “goodbye” kind of change is hard, indeed. This month, two members of our wonderful team left to follow other dreams—Megan Keane, our Membership Director; and Allison Jones, our Marketing & Publications Director.

We wanted to share just a few of the many, many memories of Allison and Megan.

Allison Jones

Profile photo of Alison Jones“Allison saying ‘Yes!’ to any idea was basically the highlight of my day. It wasn’t just that it was exciting that she thought something was a good idea; Allison has a way of saying yes in just about the most affirming, exciting way I’ve known. She also asks incredibly insightful questions that helps steer a project.”

“Laughter. It’s part of the NTEN values and is one of my favorite memories of working with Allison. From the first interview we had with her when she applied through to our final check in on her last day, Allison’s ability to step back and laugh brought perspective and balance to every meeting and our work as a whole.”

“I truly appreciate her ability to frame a mountain of stuff to get done into a much more clear vision that feels achievable. The tree from the forest for sure.”

We will miss you at daily stand-up meetings, Allison, but thank heavens there is always Twitter!

 Megan Keane

Megan Keane with Willie Nelson wiglet.“Community. From community member, to community manager, to membership director, Megan has contributed to the NTEN community in so many ways and strengthened both the organization and the community while making the best/worst jokes to keep us laughing.”

“Her 365-day handstand challenge was epic and inspiring. I tried to do a cartwheel last month, and it wasn’t pretty. Megan has a way of making a lot of things look easy that practically defy physics.”

“Dad jokes wish they were a funny as Megan Keane.”


We will think of you wistfully whenever we catch a glimpse of an ISBN number, Megan!