19NTC Career Center Mentors Jason Shim (at left) and Farra Trompeter (at right) offered professional advice at the conference. Image: Dan Fellini/NTEN

Find inspiration, or be the inspiration, at the 20NTC Career Center

Looking for advice or inspiration in your nonprofit job search? Or have you been there, done that, and came away with a bucket of real-world knowledge you’re excited to share?

The Career Center returns to the Nonprofit Technology Conference, March 24-26, after an overwhelmingly positive response over the past two years.

Every day during lunchtime, the Career Center will be open from 12:15 to 1:00 pm. It’ll also be open on Tuesday and Wednesday, 3:15 to 4:45, during exhibit hall activity time.

How it works: Mentee Edition

Sign up if you’d like to work with a nonprofit professional to improve your job-seeking chances, advance in your current organization, or find a new role. Bring your résumé or your professional profile like LinkedIn (on-screen or printed out). Our pros will help you position yourself in the industry, level up your skills, and advise on how to network with your peers.

You’ll spend 15 minutes with your mentor, but that time should give you a solid base for professional growth. We hope you’ll feel refreshed and excited, with action items to make your résumé or profile shine.

How it works: Mentor Edition

You’ve been at this for years. You know what management wants when searching for strong candidates, and you want to share this knowledge with the NTEN community. You’re dedicated to helping good people find great opportunities, either in their current jobs or future ones. Up to the task?

Many community members are looking for your help. They love what they do, they love nonprofit work, and they want to improve their chances of advancement or improve themselves professionally. Our mentors help to polish résumés and improve online profiles, while at the same time offering advice and general knowledge about the nonprofit landscape.

Sign up to be a mentor and share your experience with the community.

Daniel Fellini
Web Development Manager
Dan is a web developer, digital producer and writer. He has a long and diverse list of accomplishments that spans over 20 years. He led a team that built public broadcasting’s first social app that tied radio/tv stations and shows together with listeners and viewers, while also running a syndicated online public broadcasting news network for 140+ station sites. He was executive producer and vice president of a DC-based global digital inclusion-focused nonprofit, where he built a cutting-edge web video and blog network for low-income consumers, and was executive producer and director on a number of award-winning web video series and feature productions. He also coded a popular web application for NPR's Car Talk that let automobile owners have targeted social discussions and get updates about their favorite cars. Along the way, Dan has built dozens of WordPress sites, integrations and somewhere around three dozen WordPress plugins. Before that he was a reporter and editor for several newspapers in New England, and ran a popular bulletin board system (BBS) off a Commodore 64 and cheap modem when he was 14 in Norwood, MA. When not coding, you'll find him playing with his dog Harold, or sewing something, doing leatherwork, or just taking pictures...