2020 Tech Accelerate Report

2020 Tech Accelerate Report blue cover
Tech Accelerate is a free comprehensive assessment tool created by NTEN to examine both the practices and culture of technology in a nonprofit as well as use and investment. With over 70 questions in four categories (Engagement, Infrastructure, Leadership, and Organization), Tech Accelerate accesses a nonprofit’s technology adoption level and highlights areas in need of the most investment.

We’ve analyzed all the completed assessments and compiled the insights into a single report for the first time. We hope that it will spark conversations in your organization and the sector about how technology is adopted, used, and invested in towards our missions and collective impact.

More than anything, we hope you will complete your own full assessment using Tech Accelerate. It’s the best way to review your organization’s standing and determine where you can invest in becoming more effective.

Thank you to our partner Microsoft for sponsoring this report.


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