2014 NTEN Challenge Report

NTEN’s mission is to support all nonprofits in using technology effectively to better reach their missions. To that end, accessibility and diversity are important to us, influencing our membership dues, program fees, and conference rates. It is also why fundraising is an important component in our organizational health: not only does it allow us to do our work, it allows us to provide our programs at low rates and even extend scholarships to organizations and their staff who would otherwise not be able to participate.

Thank you!

We’re lucky to have a community filled with incredibly generous members. The 2014 NTEN Challenge included board members and community members all fundraising on behalf of NTEN, raising funds that would directly provide 2014 NTC scholarships, and access to year-round NTEN programs and membership benefits. We are so very thankful for this group of champions that helped lead a successful campaign; and sincerely grateful to all those that donated to ensure as many organizations as possible can connect, learn, and make real change together in 2014.

The campaign isn’t over, either! Since funds donated to the 2014 NTEN Challenge support scholarships throughout 2014, you can always add a donation to your purchase of an NTC registration, webinar registration, or even your Membership. Or, you can donate directly at any time and we’ll continue to invest those funds in making our work accessible to the entire nonprofit community.

Campaign Report

For the first year running the scholarship-focused campaign, we have not had an official sponsor providing direct support or matching funds. Firefly Partners generously included scholarships for four attendees in their NTC sponsorship package – be sure to thank them when you see them in the NTC Science Fair! That means nearly all of the dollars raised came directly from individuals this year – even more proof that this community is passionate and dedicated to helping all those working to change our world.

Here’s the 2014 NTEN Challenge campaign by-the-numbers report, based on donations received by January 27, 2015:

  • Number of Community Champions (fundraisers): 32
  • Number of dedicated NTEN emails sent about the campaign: 4
  • Average open rate of fundraising emails: 31.54%
  • Total raised: $30,185 (so far!)
  • Median gift: $25
  • Average gift: $53.37
  • Number of unique donations: 399
  • Number of unique donors: 346
  • Number of donors who made more than 1 gift: 31

Giving Tuesday

This was the first year NTEN participated in Giving Tuesday on December 3rd. It was a really fun way to participate in a community-wide giving day and ended up as our largest single day of donations. Here are a few highlights specific to Giving Tuesday:

  • Total raised on Giving Tuesday: $2,266
  • Number of unique donations on Giving Tuesday: 50
  • Number of dedicated emails: 1 (they had the second lowest open rate in the campaign)

Thank You, Again

Thank you to the Champions who made this campaign possible! Your generosity and dedication to the nonprofit technology community is incredible and we are so honored to work with you all as the leaders of this sector. See someone on the list below that you know? Thank them the next time you see them!

  • Almin Surani
  • Allyson Kapin
  • Amy Borgstrom
  • Andrew Means
  • Ash Shepherd
  • Beth Kanter
  • Birgit Pauli-Haack
  • Cary Walski
  • Chris Tuttle
  • David Krumlauf
  • Debra Askanase
  • Edward Happ
  • Eileen Twiggs
  • Farra Trompeter
  • Jason Shim
  • Jereme Bivins
  • Jody Mahoney
  • John Merritt
  • Laura Norvig
  • Lynn Labieniec
  • Maddie Grant
  • Miriam Cook
  • Nancy Schwartz
  • Norman Reiss
  • Paula Jones
  • Richard Rappleye
  • Richard Wollenberger
  • Robert Weiner
  • Rusty Burwell
  • Steve Heye
  • Steve MacLaughlin
  • Tom Krackeler

All of our donors will also be thanked in the 2014 NTC Program Guide – we are so excited to see the list of NTEN supporters growing each year!