2013 NTC Round-Up: Your Takeaways

Whew, what an NTC! Now that we’ve had a chance to catch a cat (dog?) nap and dusted the snow off, we want to share the huge outpouring of blog posts, videos, pictures, and other media from the NTEN community.

We’ve been reading, reflecting, getting inspired, and learning a lot from all of you. Our hope is that you can do the same with this compilation.

All of you – the community – are the special sauce that makes the NTC the amazing event it is.

If we missed your post, our apologies! We would love to share it, so if you see any media we missed, please let us know in the comments!

NTC in Numbers

It just wouldn’t be a post-NTC update if we didn’t share some of the highlights in numbers!

Number of:

  • Registered Attendees: 1671
  • Speakers: 250
  • Online NTC Attendees:147
  • Countries represented: 13 (US, Canada, UK, Korea, Australia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Ireland, Nepal, Mexico, and Ghana)
  • 13NTC tweets during the conference: 3000 from 806 unique tweeters from over 128 locations (thanks, Chris Tuttle for these cool visual charts)
  • Karaoke songs with NTEN staff embarrassing themselves: 2
  • Puppies that made it there despite the weather: 1 (and a cute one as you can see)

Session Notes

Collaborative Notes (add yours!), put together by Jason Samuels

Blog posts

Mindful Engagement at Work and in Life, Adam Pava

Failure is Not an F-Word, Beth Kanter

NTEN’s Lifetime Achievement Award Goes To Laura Glenn-Davitan, Common Good Vermont

How Do Activists & Nonprofits Use Content Curation, Curation Empire

What We Learned at NTEN’s 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference, Big Duck NYC

Putting Your LinkedIn to Use, Finding Board Members and Donors, DonorSnap

Social Media Fundraising: 90 Minutes of Nonstop Stats & Strategies at 13NTC, Filiberto Gonzalez

Encouragement, Wise Words from Nonprofit Tech Devotees, Hilborn Charity

NTC in Review, Ryan Tiffitt, Idealware

13NTC Key Takeaways, Impact Communications

Uncharitable: How Businesses Co-Opt Nonprofits and Undermine Their Potential, Ivan Boothe, Rootwork

Kanter & Coley: How to Curate 13NTC, James Howe

Increasing Share of Heart, Jeff Shuck

Nonprofit Technology Conference Takeaways from Afar, Katy Teson

Building Content Strategy, Laura Girardin

Rebooting Your Digital Community Building, Lori Jacobwith

13NTC Recap, Microsoft Citizen

3 Must-Watch Presentations for all NTEN 2013 Attendees, Nonprofit Hub

Report From 13NTC, Norman Reiss

#npfail Reflections and Call to Action from NTC Plenary on Failure, Beth Kanter

NTC 2013, Simren Deogun

Highlights of 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference, SocialBrite

NTEN Honors Memphis Startup Founder Tal Frankfurt, Nibletz 2.0

Four Best Charity Videos Recognised by DoGooder Video Awards 2013, UK Fundraising

What I Learned at 13NTC, Steve Heye

Care2 Impact Prize Awarded to Jamie Biggar of Canadian Organization Leadnow, Clinton O’Brien, Care2

Five Social Media Tips from 13NTC, Susan Chavez

What I Learned from the 2013 NTC in Tweets, Marie Tae McDermott, Ad Council

Key Takeaways from the Minnesota Nonprofit Technology and Communications Conference and the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference, Jason Samuels

Take Charge of Your Editorial Process, Laura Girardin

Reflections on NTC13, Monica-Lisa Mills, 4Site

Finding nptech, Alex Kadis

Creating Content While at Conferences like 13NTC, Kivi Leroux Miller

Nonprofits, Online Giving, & Secrets from the Obama Campaign, SocialBrite

Crafting the Arc of a Powerhouse Campaign from 13NTC, James Howe

How 2 Nonprofits Utilize Social Media Part 1 and Part 2, Joe Boland, Fundraising Success Magazine

NTC13 Packing Crayons: Packing Crayons for a Nonprofit Technology Conference, Keri Bolding, Resource Media

Nonprofit Technology Conference 2013: Our Reflections and Predictions for the Future, Andrew Cohen, ForumOne

Uncharitable Overhead and Communicating Results More Clearly, Kivi Leroux Miller

Is Your Nonprofit Interrupting or Attracting?, Cary Walski, MAP TechWorks

Dan Pallotta: The Uncharitable Double Standard, Sage Nonprofit

What is Content Curation? Video Clip from 13NTC Session #13NTCcur8, Red Racoon Interactive

Digital Storytelling at the Nonprofit Technology Conference 2013, Michael DeLong

Real World Supporter Engagement from MomsRising and the Washington Trails Association, Debra Askanese

How Nonprofits Are Using Social Media Data, Annie Lysen, Small Act

Resources from Tech Support Confidential, Cary Walski, MAP TechWorks

From 13NTC: Stranded, Rob Cottingham

NTEN, NTC, and Technology, Peter Campbell

Brett Shares Tips on Content Marketing and Rails Against Dangers of Skynet, Cary Walski, MAP TechWorks

Content Creation for Nonprofits: Notes from #13NTCcur8, Beth Kanter

NTC 13 Parent Support notes, Caravan Studios

Curate Like Costco to Tackle Information Overload and Market Your Mission #13NTC, Sonja Barisic (via Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog)

Tackling Resource Access Together at 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference, Xander Karsten and Jillian Theil, ProBono.net

LinkedIn More Than Social Media, Can Serve as Fundraising Tool for Nonprofits, TechImpact

Tech Tools Comm Directors Love #13NTC, Kivi Leroux Miller

Nonprofit Editorial Calendar: How to Make Your Content Strategy Easy and Engaging, Ramsey Leimenstoll (via DonorSnap)

20 Most Important Components of Your Donation Page and 2013 NTC Wrap-Up, DonationPay

People are the Dark Matter of Tech Projects #13NTC, Jed Miller


The Real Housewives of Social Media at 13NTC, James Howe

#13NTCyolo: What is a Yolo? And How Can I Get One? Using Technology to Engage Youth, Birgit Pauli-Haack, NFN4Good.org

Placing Little Bets: Failing Informatively for the Nonprofit Technology Sector, Jereme Bivins

Breaking Through Language Barriers with Technology, Sara Peralta

Great Takeaways for Nonprofits Using Social Media, Michael Sola

#13NTCmind, Beth Kanter

Nonprofit Technology Conference: A Communicator’s 1st Time, Marlene Oliveira

Kanter and Colley: How to Curate 13NTC, James Howe

What We Learned at NTEN’s 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference, Farra Trompeter

#13NTC: Summary of the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference, Sara Peralta


#13NTC Flickr Group Pictures


DoGooder Award Winners

NTEN Interviews, Give MN: Katya Andreson, Beth Kanter, Lesley Mansford, Farra Trompeter

Other Resources

Unnofficial Twitter List of #13NTC Attendees from Missy Longshore

#13NTC Tweets, compiled by Jason Samuels and Jason Shim

Transcript of Dan Pallotta Plenary, Jason Shim and Regina Wise