2012 Nonprofit Donor Engagement Study

NTEN partnered with Charity Dynamics to conduct the 2012 Nonprofit Donor Engagement Study.

This donor-focused study gathered feedback from consumers spanning a wide range of giving levels ($25 – $5,000+) who donated to a nonprofit in the past 12 months. Survey questions sought to understand individuals’ preferences regarding traditional and digital media for donating, volunteering, and engaging with nonprofits.

> Download the study online here.

Among the high-level findings:

  • Nonprofits that establish themselves as a donor’s top charity — the organization to which an individual feels most connected — are more likely to receive greater support from them in terms of cash contributions, volunteering, event participation and issue advocacy.
  • Nearly half of the survey respondents (47%) indicated that they give a majority of their annual total donation amount to their top charity.
  • Age has a significant impact on the amount donors give, the way in which they are willing to engage, and how they prefer to seek and consume information from their top charity.
  • A majority of donors (65%) reported supporting their top charity because they believe in the organization’s cause. Connected donors also do more for their top charity, with 35% indicating they would volunteer at least once per year, and perhaps more often.
  • A significant number of respondents devoted time trying to get friends and family to donate, volunteer or get involved in other ways with their favorite charity

> Download the full Nonprofit Donor Engagement Benchmark Study online here.

Additional commentary and analysis of the study’s results from the recent Charity Dynamics/NTEN joint webinar also is available via recording online here.