2012 Member Appreciation Month: Focus on Fundraising and Programs

November is Member Appreciation Month in the NTEN community, and one of our favorite times of year. NTEN Members share their knowledge and experience, help their peers, and give of their time and expertise all year long. In November, the goal is to create a platform to recognize all that sharing and generosity – and say thank you! Or, rather, #NTENThanks. There are many ways you can get involved in the celebrations this month, and this week we are focused on the people and technology in fundraising and programs.

Celebrate Member Appreciation Month

This is your time to meet your peers in the community and celebrate, so have lots of fun (and free) things to offer!

event360_0.img_assist_custom-127x67.jpgPrizes: Who doesn’t love a fun NTEN prize? We will offer a daily prize to a member drawn at random from the database. There are also three prizes each week: one each for a members that has renewed for 2013, participated in #NTENThanks, and participated in a program during the week. This week’s sponsor is Event 360!

THANKS: Member Appreciation Month wouldn’t be the same without a whole lot of “thank you” going around. Join us in sharing your appreciation of other members or anything/anyone else using #NTENthanks.

Programs: We’ve stacked the calendar with free programs this month – just to say thanks! Sign up for this week’s fundraising and program focused webinars:

Member Appreciation Month wouldn’t be the same without the contributions of content and prizes from our partners!

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