2008 IT Staffing & Spending Report

The nonprofit sector works hard to use technology effectively, but it’s an uphill battle. Financial resources are limited. Technology changes quickly, and there’s a lot of it out there doing lots of different things — even within the same areas. What should your organization budget for IT expenditures? How do you know if the solutions you’re getting are the right fit — for both your budget and your needs?

NTEN partnered with the NonProfit Times on this survey to offer a closer look at the current state of nonprofit IT staffing in general, and to give organizations the information they need to evaluate and improve their own IT staffing. We began this effort with the 2006 survey, the first of its kind. We repeated the survey in 2007, and plan to continue doing so annually to provide a long-term view of nonprofit IT staffing.

Our hope is that this survey will help nonprofits answer the challenging questions by providing greater context of what similar — and possibly more successful — organizations are doing.

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