March 26, 2018

18NTC Featured Sessions

Focusing on important issues facing the nonprofit sector

This year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference includes over 300 speakers in 130+ sessions.

This year we are introducing a new aspect of the NTC agenda: featured sessions. These are sessions that are during the normal session block times and may feel just like other sessions.

The real difference that separates these sessions from the 130 other sessions is that these have been created or curated by NTEN directly (meaning they aren’t part of the community submission process) and that NTEN believes are the topics of highest interest or import for our community right now.

If NTEN was going to say what the top six topics of the year would be, these sessions are it. And by “top six topics” we don’t mean to say that the other sessions at the NTC aren’t incredibly valuable or pertinent to your organization! These featured sessions are NTEN’s way of showing our voice at the NTC and highlighting topics that help us meet our mission.

The featured sessions at 18NTC include:


Amy Sample Ward
Amy is dedicated to educating and supporting organizations in using technology to create meaningful community engagement and make lasting change. Whether it is by connecting individuals, organizations, campaigns, or possibilities, Amy hopes to facilitate the nonprofit technology sector transitioning into a movement-based force for positive change. In addition to serving as NTEN’s CEO, she is a speaker, author, and trainer having worked with groups and spoken at events around the world. In 2013, she co-authored Social Change Anytime Everywhere: How to implement online multichannel strategies to spark advocacy, raise money, and engage your community with Allyson Kapin. She previously co-authored Social by Social, a handbook in using social technologies for social impact, and has contributed to various other publications about social change and technology. After opportunities to live and travel around the US and beyond, she is happy to be back in her native state of Oregon. Offline, Amy is hiking, biking, or exploring with her husband, son, and dog, with a preference for Oregon’s coast or wine country.
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