17NTC: There’s an app for that

The 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference is just around the corner and we’re getting more and more excited (and more and more ridiculous, if you go by our Instagram posts).

Today, we’re launching the 17NTC app, generously sponsored by Community IT Innovators, so you can start planning your conference experience and connect with other attendees.

The 17NTC app lets you:

  • View session and speaker information
  • Add sessions to create your own personal agenda
  • Check out exhibitors ahead of time
  • Connect with other attendees through the activity feed or direct messages
  • Get real-time alerts during the conference

Read on for some tips and frequently asked questions to help you get the most out of the app.

Where can I find the app?

You can find the iOS or Android app or access the HTML5 version here. Or, you can search for “17NTC” in the App Store or Google Play.

I have an older smartphone or don’t want to download the iOS or Android app. How can I participate?

Access the app content through your web browser via the HTML5 version. Note: When you get to the sign-in page for the first time, click the link to sign up instead. Create an account and then go to town!

What email and password do I use to log into the app?

You will create a brand new account to access the 17NTC app. It’s not connected to the 16NTC app or your NTEN account. Use whatever email address and password you wish.

How do I create my personalized agenda?

  • From the sidebar menu click Agenda.
  • Scroll through the list then click the calendar plus sign icon next to the sessions you want to remember.
  • View your agenda by clicking the My Agenda tab at the top of the Agenda screen.

Reminder: Adding a session to your agenda does not reserve your spot. NTC sessions do not take reservations. Arrive at the session rooms early to ensure a seat. Additionally, we recommend selecting a second or third session as a backup plan.

How do I share posts I make to the Activity Feed to my social media accounts as well?

You can simultaneously post to both the app’s Activity Feed and to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account.

  • To share an update in both the app and in your social media accounts, first go to your profile and give the app permission to access these accounts.
  • Go to the Activity Feed, then click the pen-and-paper icon in the top right corner.
  • Choose a social network by toggling the Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn icon in the lower right corner.

Pro Tips:

  • Be sure to include the conference hashtag (#17NTC) on your posts if you want to share them via social media. The app does not do this automatically.
  • If you share a photo, it will display as a photo in the app but as a link in your social media posts.

There’s the conference app, the online conference forum, and social media. Which platform should I use during the conference?

Once we get on-site, we encourage attendees to use the app’s Activity Feed and the #17NTC Twitter hashtag for real-time conversations. The online forum tends to be the most active before and after the conference.

As always, please direct any customer service-related questions to info@nten.org or find an NTEN staff member (distinguishable by a staff lanyard). Our response team is 💯 but we don’t want to risk your question getting lost in the forum or app discussion feed.

I’m having trouble with the app. Where should I go for help?

For questions on how to use the app, we recommend the app’s attendee support center. You can also check out our FAQs for help with the app and everything else conference-related. If you need additional help, please contact us via info@nten.org or come to the NTC tech help desk (open during registration hours) when you’re on-site.

Thanks again to Community IT Innovators for sponsoring the app!