3 Days Left: Tips & Inspiration for Submitting your 16NTC Session Ideas

Whether you’ve thought about it for weeks and are crafting the perfect submission, or just got wind of this opportunity – the deadline is the same: Friday, June 26.

Submit your idea to speak at the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Jose on March 23-25!  

To help get you up to speed quickly, here are a few quick things to think about to get your submission in and ready to go before we move into the community voting period on July 8.

Who Should Submit?

A core part of the NTEN Community is creating opportunities for new voices to be identified and elevated, as well as active members to share their voices in new ways. Speaking at this larger than life event (2,000 + attendees from 16 countries at 15NTC) is a great way to do that. So whether you have presented at NTC before and are bringing in new speakers as part of your session or making this your break out performance, we would love to see your ideas contributed before we move into community voting.

What if I have a great idea but am not the public speaking type?

No problem, the submission phase is about gathering ideas for the community to vote on. We encourage folks to submit ideas and you can even indicate that you don’t want to present on it. We’ll help find the right people to make it happen if it is what the community wants.

We are looking for submissions from:

  • Seasoned public speakers
  • New public speakers with ideas/stories that simply need to be shared
  • Underrepresented individuals and organizations
  • Folks sharing great ideas for others to speak on

Also – don’t be afraid to engage on social media to brainstorm. Just check out the dialogue between Chris Tuttle and Tim Samuel!

What Makes for a Good Submission?

So what is the NTEN Community looking for? 60% of respondents to the 15NTC survey said they wanted more “Technical How-To” sessions.

A great example of this type of session would be the Google Analytics session that Yesenia Sotelo did last year. It was a dynamic session that packed the house.

Yesenia Sotelo 15NTC session

Some other topic areas of high interest include:

  • Website governance & future-proofing
  • Mobile Engagement (outside of fundraising)
  • Nonprofit tech staffing, professional development, and talent retention
  • Getting buy-in and support for internal tech projects
  • Hard tech skills across a range of topics
  • Building comfort with digital tools for “non-technical” staff and volunteers
  • Tool evaluation and selection
  • Sessions specific to smaller organizations

For more ideas, see the full list here.

What Has Already Been Submitted?

One of the big changes this year is that you can see what others have submitted before getting your proposal in. You can do that in a couple ways on the submission platform this year.

  • Use the tags
  • Use the search box in the upper right corner

16NTC Session Submission platform

Still have questions? You can get help from us and the entire NTEN Community on Twitter using the hashtag #16NTC, or send us an email at events@nten.org.

Ash Shepherd
Education Director
Ash has been in love with the nonprofit sector for nearly two decades, where he has worked in the areas of conservation, environmental education, social work, youth program development, and technology consulting. He has been an active member of the NTEN Community, serving as a co-organizer of Portland’s 501 Tech Club, and completing a three-year term on the NTEN: Change Journal's Editorial Committee. Ash earned a B.S. from the University of Montana in Resource Management and a Masters in Environment and Development from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa.