13NTC: A Message of Thanks from the NTEN Board

borgstrom_large.pngAmy Borgstrom, Chair, NTEN Board of Directors


We’ve all heard the United States Postal Service creed, the one that starts “neither snow nor rain.” I think the 2013 NTC proved we need a creed of equal match for this community. Neither snow nor ice, flight delays or road closures can prevent this community of innovators, change makers, and passionate technologists from coming together to meet new colleagues, share ideas, and spark change.

Just a week ago my colleagues on the board and I were in Minneapolis for this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference. Sitting in a ballroom of 1,600 nonprofit technology professionals from all causes and sectors, we were awed by your energy and enthusiasm.

A week later, as I reflect on all of the sessions, conversations, and ideas the conference offered me, I realize that there’s something unique with this community: people didn’t show up to hear a key note from Dan Pallotta and Beth Kanter, nor did they show up to attend sessions and take notes. This community came together at the NTC to have a conversation with Dan and Beth, and to help co-create the content of, and resources from, every session on the agenda.

This community came together to help produce the NTC in ways that made it something more than a conference. It was a celebration!

The NTC was a celebration of community, an opportunity to find those people we didn’t know existed but were looking for us and our ideas, and a place to think really big while making plans about how to make it all happen. All in the process of making this world a better place.

Thank you to everyone who attended the conference in Minneapolis, joined through the Online NTC, followed the #13NTC hashtag, and otherwise contributed to the conversations and ideas. Thank you to this community for helping us make a terrific NTC!

And, I’d like to close with this: the opportunities to contribute to the celebration of this community continue!

> Be part of the Steering Committee for the 2014 Nonprofit Technology Conference in Washington, DC, March 13-15, 2014.

> Help bring more nptechies to the 14NTC by supporting (and spreading the word about) the 14NTC scholarship campaign, and nominate someone to join you at the conference!