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We started OpenTent because we saw in our own lives the role of strong systems in building strong communities. Over the past five years, we’ve worked with dozens of organizations, implementing Salesforce. We’ve witnessed over and over that the key ingredient for strong systems is strong staff.

But finding and training and supporting technical + strategic staff to manage your Salesforce is hard. It’s not always clear how to support them for your organization’s long-term Salesforce success. And on top of that, the pace of change is increasing amid these uncertain times. Building an agile culture across the organization is more important than ever.

The OpenTent Accelerator is our response to this moment. Our program will focus on two staff roles with outsize impact on Salesforce success: turning your Salesforce Admin into an Engineer, and your systems captain into a Strategist. We combine diverse educational experiences – immersive workshops, 1-1 coaching, and project-based learning – with a well-tested framework of assessing, building, and iterating. Together we’ll build an agile culture across your organization which will propel your work long after the end of the program.

This is an ambitious opportunity for those who see stories in data, people in processes, and relationships in systems. To learn more about the Accelerator and our consulting services, go to

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