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Now IT Matters has been configuring nonprofit CRM systems for over 10 years, and in that time we’ve seen the power of platforms. We have literally traveled the world speaking about Salesforce, we have started local technology groups, and we have contributed to thought leadership around technology.

But somewhere along the way we began to see that there is a “platform savior complex” – a belief that the perfect CRM will solve everything. We’re not buying that single option anymore.

Don’t get us wrong, some platforms are better than others for organizations, but we’ve found in our decades of work in the social impact sector that technology doesn’t fail alone – people and process are crucial parts of the success (or failure) of technical implementations; technology issues are often masking organizational patterns that will not be solved by changing platforms.

If your nonprofit uses technology effectively, you can pick and choose any application or implementation company at this conference to work with. If it doesn’t, we implement change and manage technology by unsticking your organization.


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