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Mighty Citizen

Mighty Citizen is the branding and digital transformation agency for mission-driven organizations. We craft branding, marketing, and digital communications that help nonprofits and foundations increase their impact and revenue by creating deeper connections with their audiences.

Our full scope of services include:

  • Research & Analytics
  • Branding & Strategy
  • UX Design & Content
  • Marketing & SEO
  • Web Development

At Mighty Citizen, we offer up-to-date resources to help your organization fulfill its mission. These tools are always free and include:

  • Measuring Your Nonprofit’s Website Performance
  • How to Plan and Execute a Fundraising Campaign
  • Marketing Campaign Strategy Template
  • The Complete 2020 Guide to Google Ad Grants

We’re offering free consultations to help you answer your burning issues and get where you need to go a little faster. Email and we’ll get something on the calendar.

Please submit a specific marketing question so we can provide you with actionable advice when we speak. Some common questions we’ve answered in the past:

  • How do we navigate our messaging during the current disrupted environment?
  • How do I determine the best messaging for my organization and how do I train my team to use it effectively?
  • How do we improve the user experience on our website to boost conversions and decrease abandonment?
  • How do we retain our existing donors and attract new donors?
  • How do we draw in new audiences and/or younger audiences?

Like you, we want to improve the world. We do this by helping organizations like yours. Our 20 years of experience includes moving the needle for organizations like the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, United Way, American Association of Nurse Practitioners, and hundreds more.

We’d love to help you increase your impact and create a deeper connection with your donors, members, and constituents.

Nicole Araujo
Contact Details:
Visit our Insights page for helpful articles, tools, and on-demand webinars. hello@mightycitizen 512-960-8085