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Medallia is committed to supporting nonprofits through this new normal, as they are among the most critical yet vulnerable organizations right now. We’ve been listening closely to what our nonprofit partners are struggling with now, and we’re hearing a few core opportunity-areas:

  • How can we best serve the most vulnerable populations to create a more equitable future?
  • As traditional methods no longer apply, what are new ways to fundraise and be discovered online?
  • How can we engage volunteers and support employees remotely?

To help nonprofits tackle these questions and tap into the wisdom of their crowd with our crowdsourcing tool, we’re offering Medallia Crowdicity, free for four-months for all new nonprofit customers. 

How Crowdicity Can Help

Crowdicity enables organizations to find ideas through crowdsourcing and make decisions based on their constituent’s needs, desires, and feelings. Here’s how:

  • Identifying immediate needs and ideas from the community — Right now, no one has all the answers but people are eager to share. Crowdicity allows nonprofits to tap into that desire for shared knowledge by crowdsourcing from their community members. By bringing this knowledge out into the open, organizations can identify the most pertinent needs and solutions from beneficiaries, donors, employees, and volunteers.
  • Making everyone a partner to make decisions and take action quickly — Mission evangelists not only want to feel heard and supported, but also reassured that action is being taken. Crowdicity makes this easier by aggregating ideas, and then crowdsourcing feedback on those ideas. Through user scores, leaderboards, and other drivers of community participation, nonprofits can put more heads together so the most actionable ideas can emerge.

For example, Alzheimer’s Society is using Crowdicity to rapidly understand their community’s new obstacles to create new solutions. In a matter of just 2 weeks after crowdsourcing needs from over 200 people with dementia and their carers in Crowdicity, they have started have started an online community center to tackle isolation, applied for funding for a dementia at-home first aid kit to decrease the number of patients in hospitals, and will begin to distribute smart home devices so those in care homes can stay connected with loved ones. 

Our pre-packaged templates, co-designed with our nonprofit partners, make launch incredibly fast; and our Crowdicity experts are ready to equip organizations with best practices and guidance to set them up for success. 

Ready to learn more? 

Join us for this upcoming session.

Session title: Make Innovation Inclusive and Collaborative using Medallia Crowdicity.

Date & time: June 4, 2020 at 12:00PM Eastern

The needs of your community members that you serve change rapidly. This new reality requires digital innovation, collaboration, and direct feedback from your community to find new human-centered solutions to new challenges. Medallia Crowdicity, our crowdsourcing platform, can help. You’ll walk away with a framework to make innovation accessible through crowdsourcing. You’ll also hear how nonprofits like the World Wildlife Fund, Alzheimer’s Society, and Salvation Army applied this framework to focus resources behind the most critical issues, discover new funding resources, and collaborate across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Did we mention, 501(c)3 organizations can access a four-month free trial!

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