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Kanopi Studios

We’re Kanopi Studios. We design, build and support websites for clients who want to make a positive impact.

Clients choose Kanopi as their digital agency because of our deep expertise, our careful balance between custom and contributed solutions, and our thoughtful approach to being innovative while minimizing technical debt.

Clients STAY with Kanopi because they appreciate our holistic approach: we support your website at any step in its life-cycle, be it a new build, or making iterative improvements to your existing code base and design. No matter where you are in the lifecycle of your site, we can meet you there.

Whether you need a new website, or help growing or evolving an existing one, we are committed to making your site successful and sustainable for the long-term.

We made a Baltimore Spotify playlist.
You can’t listen while traveling to the conference, but you can still enjoy this Spotify playlist of music from – you guessed it – bands from the Baltimore area.

Win a LEGO Treehouse!
Kanopi emerged from a love of treehouses. So we thought it fitting to giveaway an amazing LEGO Treehouse worth $200. And since everyone is cooped up inside for a while, it’s the perfect indoor activity to keep adults and kids alike busy!

We were going to give this away at NTC, but we’ll have it shipped right to your door. We will choose a winner at random to receive this awesome $200 LEGO Treehouse. Enter here.

Make your site last 5 years (possibly more)
As we forge through these uncertain times, it’s imperative to make pragmatic choices in business. Websites are typically an organization’s largest marketing tool, and your site is now more crucial than ever.
Few have the budget to fully redo a site every few years. With current events, this is now more of a hurdle.
Creating a website that can sustain you for the long-term can be done without spending a fortune!
Learn how to improve the longevity of your site, with tactics such as:

  • How to determine what to change.
  • Staying strategic: set realistic and smart goals.
  • Staying nimble: launch one thing at a time. Then test, launch, and iterate!
  • Creating a strong foundation: create a program around website health, including the right team of humans in addition to the right goals and tasks.

We’ll go in-depth on those, plus discuss other ways to ensure the sustainability of your site.

Wednesday, April 29th, 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET
Tanya Threlfall
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We're sad we can't see you in person. But as a remote agency, we're always available on a video chat. We'd love to help you with any pain points you have.