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Do you currently face the following volunteer management challenges:

Are you currently using multiple tools to manage your volunteer program and spending countless hours on administration?
Does your organization face problems recruiting and retaining volunteers?
Are you looking for a better way to access volunteer data for grant applications and volunteer appreciation efforts?

InitLive’s all-in-on volunteer management solution offers you a simple way to overcome all the above challenges.

One Solution To Manage Your Entire Volunteer Management Process

Start saving time with a single all-in-one volunteer management solution that offers online recruitment, application screening, scheduling, mobile volunteer management, and reporting. Reduce administration time and errors through a single point of truth for all your volunteer programs. For more information, download The Complete Volunteer Management Guide For Nonprofits.

Recruit and Retain Committed Volunteers

Recruit committed volunteers through a customizable online application process. Leverage your volunteers’ strengths and passions through well-defined roles and qualifications to match the right person to the right role and ensure everyone enjoys their time volunteering. Provide your volunteers with all the information they need to succeed through a convenient mobile app. Automatically send shift updates and easily communicate with them from anywhere. Reduce errors and miss communications and improve volunteer satisfaction to increase retention through a single solution. For more information on recruitment, download The Volunteer Recruitment Guide For Nonprofits.

Volunteer Program Reporting and Volunteer Appreciation

Show your volunteers appreciation and continually improve your volunteer program by reviewing historical reports and tracking your volunteers’ performance through a five-star rating system. Review all the hours worked by individuals or groups through a summary of check-in/out timestamps and report on your program’s impact for grant applications while improving your process year over year.

InitLive Offers

Let’s start saving you time. There’s a better way to recruit, screen, and schedule your volunteers. InitLive offers an industry-leading all-in-one volunteer management solution for ongoing programming and events.

InitLive is pleased to be offering a 10% discount to all nonprofits as well as out COVID-19 Guarantee. Please click here to learn about our COVID-19 Guarantee.

We are also offering to donate our solution to any organization working in COVID-19 relief. Please click here to learn more.

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If you are interested in streamlining your volunteer management process, please click here to watch our demo video. To schedule a personalized demonstration with our sales team, please click here. If you would like to inquire about our COVID-19 donation offer, please click here and fill out the form. We will be in contact with you to discuss your specific needs.