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Gravic, Inc. – Remark Software

Streamline your organization’s data collection projects. Eliminate manual data entry. Easily create and distribute surveys, evaluations, ballots and other paper and online forms with Remark Software.

Gravic’s Remark products are used by a wide variety of nonprofit organizations for collecting and analyzing data from surveys, evaluations, ballots and other forms. Whether you are working towards a research grant, gauging the interest and satisfaction of your members, reporting on your meetings or conferences, we have a solution that can streamline your data collection and analysis. Our solutions can automate the data collection process, eliminating manual data entry costs and errors.

Thousands of organizations rely on Remark Office OMR® to quickly and easily capture data from plain paper bubble forms (surveys, evaluations, ballots). No need for special forms or paper. No need to purchase dedicated scanning machines.

Our popular Remark Web Survey® software helps organizations simplify creating and deploying online forms. You host your own forms on your website so there is no limitation on the number of forms or respondents, you are in complete control.

For mixed-mode projects, the products work together enabling you to offer paper and online options to try an increase your response rate and reach varying demographics. Both products contain an analysis component, Remark Quick Stats®, which provides a variety of survey statistics and reports. You can also export your data to a variety of formats for further analysis including: SPSS, Excel, Access, CSV and more.

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