Digital Communications & Marketing

Mapping your digital strategy for 2020

December 13, 2019
You know your organization should have a website, but do you know why? What are you trying to accomplish? Figure it out by mapping your marketing funnel.

Building a strategy and gauging return on investment (ROI): two huge roadblocks for nonprofits

December 11, 2019
Many nonprofits lack a digital strategy and a way to track how successful their efforts are. A new study from Bashpole Software seeks to identify why.

4 digital communication & fundraising recommendations for NGOs worldwide

October 31, 2019
The 2019 annual report from Nonprofit Tech for Good explores how non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide use technology.

A crisis in data leadership

October 28, 2019
Many nonprofits are double-counting their website analytics. Learn why this is a leadership issue and how you can prevent the collection of bad data.

How to get access to your nonprofit’s Google Grants account

October 23, 2019
What happens when you know you have a Google Ad Grant, but don't know how to access it? Michael Rasko explains the steps you can take to regain control of your account.

Fostering LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in Digital Spaces

August 27, 2019
The language on your website signals whether or not you understand LGBTQ+ visitors. Clair Rock explains the simple things you can do to create a more welcoming digital space.

10 Years of Millennial Research: Key Tech Discoveries

August 20, 2019
It's never been easier to connect with potential supporters. But do you have a strategy for how you communicate with millennials? Derrick Feldmann shares research to help your planning.

7 emails to send that aren’t fundraising asks

June 13, 2019
Are you stuck trying to figure out what emails you can send to supporters that aren't focused on fundraising? Read on for suggestions you can start using today.

Making presentations accessible

May 21, 2019
You know that your website's design should be accessible to everyone, but do you bring that same intention to your presentations? Or are you inadvertently excluding part of your audience from the story you're telling? Keith Casebonne of Disability Rights Florida tells you the easy things you can do to include everyone.

Promote your initiatives with Google Ad Grants

April 26, 2019
How can your nonprofit use up to $120,000 in online advertising from Google Ad Grants? Start by promoting your strategic initiatives.