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July 23, 2014 · Amy Sample Ward

Our Website as Our Home Base

The internet might be everywhere, but where are you? Amy makes the case for making your website your digital home. »
March 20, 2014 · Laura Iancu

3 Ways to Make Your Website the Center of Your Online Community

The truth is that no matter how hard we try, we cannot survive without the aid of the community that surrounds us. Donations, volunteers, and message lift are all achievable through your community of stakeholders – the people who have an interest for your nonprofit or cause. Here are three ways that you can help ensure that your website is the centerpiece of your online community. »
February 27, 2014 · DJ Muller

6 Ways to Create Content Your Donors & Members Will Value

A recent survey by the Content Marketing Institute showed that 92% nonprofits are using content marketing. While nonprofits are using a wide variety of sites and services to distribute their content, the effectiveness of these efforts is often uncertain. Without a plan for content creation, it’s pretty hard to gauge success. Here are 6 ways you can develop a content strategy and create content your audience will value. »
November 11, 2013 · Lauren Girardin

Take Charge of Your Editorial Process as Air Traffic Control

Looking for a way to manage all of the different kinds of content that are coming in to your organization? Whether or not you’ve been able to formalize your organization’s content strategy (perhaps starting with these core elements of content strategy), having someone in your organization in the role of Air Traffic Control gives you a way to effectively manage your editorial process. »
November 8, 2013 · Kirsten Kippen

The Do’s and Don’ts of Setting up an Internal Content Creation Machine

"Content creation is a real challenge for organizations of all sizes - often your go-to-staff copywriter has her hands full and may not have the subject matter expertise or bandwidth to tackle every new blog or article idea. So we tried something new at Idealist Consulting this fall - give incentives to any employee who submits content that follows specific guidelines. Here's what we learned along the way." »