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July 8, 2015 · Margaux O'Malley

My Future Podcast

Margaux uses the LCS as her personal quest for launching the perfect podcast. »
October 16, 2014 · Chari Smith

Measure what Matters

Are these the data you're looking for? Exploring what to measure is the first step on a journey to greater impact. »
October 7, 2014 · Laura Beals

Are You an “Accidental Evaluator?”

How to get started navigating the trials and tribulations of the person tasked with "pulling a few numbers" for their nonprofit. »
April 14, 2014 · Heather Franzese

Last-Mile Impact Measurement: Mobile is the Way

Four nonprofits are leveraging mobile technology to measure the impact of their programs, and hear from their remote beneficiaries that may not have access to the internet. Learn how they're implementing this technology, and the five lessons learned so far on how to maximize participation. »