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a spiderless web between thin branches, in the early morning light
November 18, 2016 · Julie Szabo

What the New Internet Land Rush Means for Organizations

New top-level domains are fertile ground for marketing innovation. For starters, you’ve got a shot at campaign URLs you’ve always dreamt of but whose .org and .com versions were taken long ago. »
January 9, 2015 · Aurora Matthews

Social Media for Social Change

More than just cat videos: social media channels are being used to further social change. Twitter bomb, anyone? »
February 12, 2014 · Michael Silberman and Colin Holtz

What You Need to Know to Launch a Grassroots-led Campaigns Platform

Suddenly, platforms that allow anyone to start a petition and run their own campaigns are everywhere. But many are also asking what it takes to successfully run a grassroots-led campaigns platform. What lessons can we learn from Change.org, 38 Degrees CampaignsByYou, MoveOn.org and other platforms worldwide? What best practices have emerged? What are the steps to success? »