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April 19, 2017 · Clare McDowall

Course: Digital Literacy within Leadership

Cost: $125 for NTEN members/$250 for non-members

A week-long training to give you the tools you need to help executive leadership through the strategic thinking and knowledge they need to make confident decisions in technology planning.

Smiling people sitting around a table
July 19, 2016 · Emily Logan

The Busy Board Member’s Guide to Fundraising

As a board member you have a responsibility to the organization, and that includes helping to make sure the doors are kept open and the programs are financially supported. »
September 16, 2015

15LCS Idea Accelerator

Cost: $50 for non-LCS attendees

Whether you have an idea about fundamentally
changing the way your issue is approached, or you have a specific
concept or platform ready for prototyping, the Idea Accelerator will
allow you to find others interested in workshopping or hacking
together for the day.