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June 24, 2015

Sending out an SMS for Social Change

Cost: Free for All

With mobile quickly  becoming the “first screen,” many communicators are finding the need to continually evolve their mobile strategies. While responsive sites and apps may get more attention, SMS or texting programs are proving to be among the most effective ways to reach and engage certain audiences.

April 22, 2013 · Danny Alpert

The Power of Place: The @home Campaign

Mark’s work -- crisscrossing the country to tell the stories of homeless men and women -- relies on mobile technology. Whether he’s under a bridge in New Mexico or speaking with residents in a tent city in Michigan, Mark is using his smartphone to check in, to tweet a person’s story, or to post a raw video on his website. »
April 3, 2013 · Andrew Fort

Thinking Mobile in 2013 – Be Responsive

It is 2013, and the mobile buzzword is “responsive design.” Let us do a quick dive into this term and discover what responsive design is all about, why it is important for nonprofits and, most importantly, what your alternatives are if responsive design is not the best fit for your organization. »