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August 14, 2019 · Amy Sample Ward , Eileigh Doineau , Jude Koski , Tristan Penn

Community Call: Important Changes to NTEN Membership!

Cost: Free To All

On this Community Call, we will share more details about the changes to membership (you can get a sneak peek in this blog post, too!), information about the processes we used to evaluate our membership program and make decisions for this change, and answer questions you may have.

January 4, 2017 · Bethany Lister

Member Orientation: January 2017

Want to learn more about NTEN and NTEN Member benefits? Whether you’re a new Member, an existing Member interested in becoming more involved, or just curious what NTEN is all about, join us for a short presentation about NTEN’s mission, programs, and resources.

Closeup of people's hands held out in a circle, each cupping a mound of dirt with seedlings
November 14, 2016 · Jeff Gordy

Member Retention: 4 Best Practices That Win Members for Life

Many organizations focus on gaining new members, but it’s much more cost effective for your organization to put your resources toward member retention. Learn 4 best practices that can help you win members for life. »
December 7, 2015 · Megan Keane

December Member Roundup

Dance forums, embracing your volunteer management superpowers, and more in this month's Member News Roundup »