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"Help Wanted: Must Be Curious"
September 7, 2016 · Steve MacLaughlin

Help Wanted: Must Be Curious

We live in a time when data and information are changing how we work and are amplifying the results. »
August 23, 2016 · Clare McDowall

Course: Digital Literacy For Executive Leadership

Cost: $125 Members; $250 Non-Members

In this training session, Clare McDowall of Socially Good will get you on the same page by taking you through the strategic thinking and knowledge a leader needs to make confident decisions in this space, and ask the right questions of their teams.

August 17, 2016 · Heather Martin

Webinar: Virtual Organizations: Managing Remote Employees

Cost: Free for Members; $15 for Non-members

This webinar will help you identify the issues that you may encounter when you manage remote staff and help provide you with practical tips, resources, and tools to create an effective and efficient virtual organization that ends up not feeling like a virtual organization. It will also provide participants with 10 key steps to making a virtual organization feel as close-knit and collaborative than any locally-staffed office.

May 11, 2016 · Shannon Farley , Kenny Kane

Ask The Expert: Innovation Through Technology

Cost: Free for and exclusive to Members

In this Ask the Expert session, learn technology tools and tips for working smarter, not harder, plus action steps you can take now to up your technological effectiveness.

September 22, 2015 · Traci Carpenter

Beyond the Comfort Zone

Break free of the storytelling rut and tell stories that matter. »