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June 10, 2014

Webinar: Stop Struggling with Social Media

Cost: $30 for Members / $60 for Non-members

Does your Facebooking evoke face-palming? Do you feel like you’re tweeting into the abyss? If you’re frustrated with your nonprofit’s performance on social media or think there’s yet more to gain, attend this session (and invite your executive director, while you’re at it). Join this webinar to learn what actually works on social media, an introduction to building social media positive culture within your organization, how to use a network amplifier strategy, and a case study of one nonprofit’s “secret sauce” with social media.

March 6, 2014 · Drew Bernard

Webinar: 3 Steps to Make Facebook More Effective for Your Organization

Cost: Free for Members!

Facebook has become one of the most important channels for reaching and engaging supporters online today. How do you know if you your Facebook efforts are working? What should you focus on in 2014? In this webinar, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge you need to create a strategy for your page and learn how to create content that will engage your community and support your mission.