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September 16, 2013 · Miriam Kagan

Proven Practices for Year-Round Testing

This is my favorite time of year. This is the time when nonprofit organizations seem most open to testing because even small improvements can have a significant impact during a time of year when organizations raise up to 50% of their revenue. But successful testing programs don’t hinge on a few weeks of one-offs. »
February 14, 2013 · Jett Scott Winders, MBA, PMP

Said It Once? Now Say It 1,000 Times

By taking your multi-channel messaging through the following simple, three-phase approach, you will effectively repurpose your content to reach its audience without adding more hours to your day. »
February 13, 2013 · Matt Burghdoff

A Bad Test Is Worse Than No Test at All

A bad test accomplishes nothing.  At least if we don't test at all we know that we don't know anything, but a pseudo-fact can hurt us badly down the line. »