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Closeup of people's hands held out in a circle, each cupping a mound of dirt with seedlings
November 14, 2016 · Jeff Gordy

Member Retention: 4 Best Practices That Win Members for Life

Many organizations focus on gaining new members, but it’s much more cost effective for your organization to put your resources toward member retention. Learn 4 best practices that can help you win members for life. »
July 30, 2014 · Aaron Winters

Webinar: How to Turn Your Program Into an Online Course

Cost: Free for Members!

With the rise in popularity of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) such as UdacityCoursera, and Khan Academy, online learning technologies and practices have come into the mainstream, and nonprofits are building e-learning sites to expand service reach, improve service quality, and reduce training costs. Join our webinar on July 30 to learn more about what it takes to convert your face-to-face class into a robust online course.