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An aerial shot of a large group of people seated around a table, with an illustration of the job search process in the middle of the table.
October 20, 2016 · Leslie Scott

Policy, Not Just Programs, Needed To Bridge Digital Divide

The digital divide is a multi-faceted issue and calls for a multi-faceted approach. I am interested in moving away from direct programming to policy work that enables us to attack this issue from many different sides. »
April 6, 2016 · Geoff Garcia , Daren Jennings

Product Spotlight: Exploring the Impacts of a Successful Intranet

Cost: Free for everyone!

An intelligent intranet is a quick and effective tool for nonprofits in reaching their collaboration, communication and efficiency goals. March of Dimes used their new intranet to give dispersed employees unprecedented access to the exact information they need, saving them time and allowing them to focus on their mission to improve the health of babies.