Your Website: When to Iterate and When to Overhaul

Problem Statement

Your site needs work. Where do you start? Trends are moving toward constant small improvements on websites, rather than full redesigns. But will that be enough? We’ll show how to decide the best way forward for your organization.

There’s a lot to consider when thinking about a redesign: your budget, your CMS, the latest web standards, and your organization’s evolving goals.

We’ll talk about which situations are best suited for iterative change and when it’s best to start over.

We’ll show you:

  • Steps to define your current issues, like using targeted site audits to better determine the nature and scope of your site’s problem areas—you may find that what seems like a site-wide problem may be more isolated than you think
  • How to take the information you gather and decide which approach to redesign would work best for you
  • Best overall practices for maintaining the health and longevity of your site and avoiding the need for massive site overhauls in the future (hint: the best time to iterate is right after after the release of your new site)

There will be time after the presentation for group discussion and Q&A.

Rose Liebman
Advomatic, LLC
VP, Accounts

Barbara Tobias
American Federation of Teachers
Web Specialist

Eleonora (Nora) Luongo
Rutgers University - Newark College of Arts & Sciences
Director, Web and Digital Communications

David Mascarina
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Digital Communications Manager

Paul Schulzetenberg
Advomatic, LLC
Senior Back-end Developer