The Road Ahead: Building a Realistic Technology Strategy

Problem Statement

A full technology strategy can sound unattainable to organizations with limited technology budgets or resources, but there are simple ways to create technology plans that ensure your tech moves forward.

Do you know what’s on the horizon for your nonprofit, technology-wise? Do you have ideas but no budget? Ultimately, you know that technology can help deliver better programs and services. But all types and sizes of organizations can struggle with a plan for technology when there are so many other pressing issues that seem more directly related to your mission.

So what’s the middle ground between no technology plan and complex plans that the commercial sector might spend months on? We’ll ask several nonprofits to present case studies of technology plans of various shapes and sizes to understand how these organizations charted a course to fit their needs and capacity.

Colleen McCarthy
Exponent Partners
Director of Marketing
I'm the Vice President of Business Development at Exponent Partners. We're a mission-based software consulting firm that helps nonprofits use technology to build capacity, improve reporting, further missions, and increase impact. Exclusively focused on nonprofits, we build cost-effective solutions on the Salesforce platform that manage fundraising, student data, client cases, and organizational outcomes. We've worked with almost 500 large and small nonprofit organizations on over 1000 projects in our 10-year history as one of the leading partners of the Salesforce Foundation. As a Certified B Corporation and California Benefit Corporation, we pursue our mission to make the social sector more effective by delivering insights that create impact. Formerly a Salesforce admin for a 20k+ membership organization, I'm excited to help other nonprofits realize the power of Salesforce.

Jim Dobrzeniecki
Vice President, Technology