The Nonprofit Tools Variety Gong Show Extravaganza

Problem Statement

This fast-paced, fun, and engaging session will help attendees learn about a tremendous number of tools that can be used to benefit their nonprofit.

If you’re looking for a session that will introduce you to tools you can use as soon as you get back home, this is it!

There are an enormous number of tools out there that can be used for nonprofits, but how do you filter out the ones that are affordable and useful for your organization? We’ve done all the searching for you, and this session will be a rapid introduction and demo of a variety of the latest tools that can assist your organization with fundraising, marketing, data management, and more!

Led by experienced nonprofit staff and consultants who are constantly scouring the world for new and useful tools, this will be a highly engaging and fun session! Don’t miss out!

PS: There may or may not be an actual gong at this show.

Jason Shim
Pathways to Education Canada
Associate Director, Digital Strategy and Alumni Relations
How can we harness technology to make a difference in the world? That’s the question I love to answer for organizations. With over 10 years of experience spanning the nonprofit and academic sectors both as an employee and a consultant, I have consistently helped organizations stay ahead of the technology curve. In 2013, I led Pathways to Education to become the first charity to issue tax receipts for Bitcoin donations. To date we have raised $2200 in this innovative way, however what is more exciting is that we have opened access and awareness to a brand new tech-savvy audience. I teach Digital Marketing at George Brown College. I find it rewarding and inspiring to help students understand the power and potential of digital media and gain the confidence they need to succeed. When I have the opportunity I love to speak and write about digital marketing strategy, digital fundraising, online youth engagement, website analytics, and of course digital currency. Some other projects I’ve been involved with include The Fastest Donation Form in the World Project, where I initiated and led the development of a proof of concept to explore the question, “What would the fastest donation form in the world look like?”. The answer? 2 clicks and 15 seconds. And, a mobile-optimized system that provides a streamlined and cost-effective way to record telephone interviews for content producers and journalists.

Mark Hallman
Evergreen Digital Marketing
Mark Hallman is the President of Evergreen Digital Marketing and has worked with charities and non-profit organizations across North America to help them strategize and execute their digital marketing plans. As a Google Partner, Mark helps organizations to ensure they get the most out of their Google Ad Grants. This work has focused on volunteer recruitment, promotion of programs and services, brand awareness campaigns, and fundraising. He also helps organizations collect, analyze and understand their data. An expert in his field, Mark has presented to numerous organizations, including the Google Partners Community. Mark has over 15 years of experience within the nonprofit sector as a consultant, volunteer, staff member, and board member.

Shubhagata Sengupta
Capacity Canada
Digital Media Coordinator
Uniquely positioned at the intersection of the nonprofit and tech sectors, Shubhagata Sengupta (Shub for short) is a digital renaissance man who is obsessed with how the latest and greatest tech can better the world. He currently serves as a Digital Media Coordinator at Capacity Canada while working on his tech startup, Shub’s work in the nonprofit sector focuses on digital media, social media, and all things tech - how organizations can use technology to further their cause and continuously improve. He loves to share his experiences at conferences and hackathons. Some of his other interests include photography, travelling, cars, and puppies.