The Fully-Informed Approach to Calculating Return on Investment

Problem Statement

How can one determine whether an investment is worthwhile? How can we align our spending more tightly with our objectives? What tools and strategies support the formation of reasonable assumptions on the likely return on investment?

Some say life’s a gamble. But gambling can be very random, as in the rolling of a die, or very scientific, as in the calculation of odds and percentages. Investing in technology should not be a gamble, in that you can predict what it will do for you. In the standard business lingo, we call this prediction return on investment or ROI.

And whether you calculate ROI with all the vigor of two college students on a weekend trip to Reno, or a scientist who deeply understands the odds, is important. In this session, we’ll discuss the many factors that go into a fully-informed determination of the ROI on a project and introduce some useful tools for calculating and justifying such investments.

Peter Campbell
Legal Services Corporation
Chief Information Officer
By day, Peter Campbell is the CIO at Legal Services Corporation, America’s Partner for Equal Justice. At other times, he can be found blogging and talking about all things nptech at Techcafeteria or on Twitter.

Edima Elinewinga
United Nations Foundation
Executive Director, Information Technology
Edima Elinewinga is the Executive Director of Information Technology at the UN Foundation, where she manages all IT operations. Edima develops and executes Information Technology strategies to support the mission of the UN Foundation. In this role, she oversees the IT infrastructure, information security, systems design and development, applications, telecommunications, and audio & visual systems. Edima is committed to implementing efficient, cost-effective and secure IT solutions and infrastructure that align with the organization’s mission and evolving technology needs. Prior to joining the UN Foundation in 1999, she worked as an IT Contractor at the Covance Lab, Department of Education, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Edima is a Microsoft Certified Professional and has 16 years of experience in information technology and IT project management.