The Dollars and Sense of Nonprofit Technology Budgeting

Problem Statement

Understanding how to properly budget for technology can ensure that money is NOT the greatest obstacle to improving your nonprofit’s technology effectiveness.

This interactive workshop will help participants identify budgeting guidelines and learn the anatomy of a nonprofit IT budget, categories of spending, and the unique challenges nonprofits face trying to invest in technology improvements.

We will explore improvements nonprofits can make make on their own and at very low cost through process improvement, training, communications, and use of the panoply of free and low-cost technology resources available to nonprofits. We will also provide a number of different strategies for IT expense reduction and suggest different strategies and resources for finding potential funding sources for different types of technology projects.

Over the course of the workshop, we’ll be guiding attendees through the completion of a technology budget and preparing attendees for submersion in the Technology Budget Shark Tank, where selected participants will pitch their budget and key investments to a panel of sharks comprised of facilitators and audience members.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why strategic technology planning feeds both budgeting and fundraising
  • How funding opportunities fit within an overall IT budget or strategy
  • Appreciation for how IT budgeting is a prerequisite for innovation
  • Strategies for IT expense reduction
  • Ways to think about return on investment (ROI) for technology projects
  • Overview of the “other” ROI (Run, Optimize, Innovate)
  • IT budgeting checklist (digital handout)
Joshua Peskay
RoundTable Technology
Vice President
Joshua is one of the leaders of RoundTable and is often the first person you’ll talk to if you want to start working with RoundTable. He's been helping nonprofit organizations improve their use of technology since the early 1990s and has worked with literally thousands of nonprofits. He specializes in helping organizations be strategic about their technology and make smart choices about services, security, support, and management.

Mary O'Shaughnessy
Her Justice