The 2017 Consumers Guide to Low-Cost Donor Management Systems

Problem Statement

The commoditization of donor management systems means it is more difficult than ever before for nonprofits to choose the best solution for their particular needs. We’ll present findings from the just-published update to this popular report, touch on the selection process, and explain the methodology behind the research to help you identify your own needs and select the best solution to meet them.

NTEN and Idealware have partnered to publish this report for the fourth edition, conducting demos of 32 different donor management systems and reviewing them against hundreds of rigorous requirement criteria to compare them on level ground. We then chose 12 systems whose combination of affordability and functionality put them in the sweet spot for the majority of nonprofits and conducted longer demos of each. Through charts, bullets, and narrative descriptions, the report breaks all the systems down by category and makes recommendations for nonprofits that identify with common use cases.

In this session, the researchers who conducted the demos and wrote the report will discuss the findings and the methodology behind them, explain how we protect our impartiality while funding this project, and show how to best use the research to identify your own needs and select the best solution to meet them. We’ll also explore changes, consolidations, and trends in the donor management marketplace and consider what they might mean for nonprofits’ future fundraising efforts.

Kyle Andrei
Sr Research Analyst
As Senior Researcher, Kyle is responsible for researching software through demos, interviews, and surveys, and using that information to create Idealware’s reports and articles. In addition, Kyle also produces Idealware’s Ask Idealware videos, drawing on his broadcasting experience. Kyle is a graduate of Indiana State University, where he split his time between managing the student radio station, researching video game communication and working on local elections.

Chris Bernard
Editorial and Communications Director

Lyndal Cairns
Nonprofit Technology Network
Membership and Engagement Director
Lyndal Cairns is the Membership & Engagement Director at NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network.