Tech, Cloud, and Collaboration for Nonprofit Boards

Problem Statement

There is great opportunity for nonprofit boards to increase their use of online and collaboration tools. Beyond fundraising and social media, we'll explore how boards use tools and platforms to build their effectiveness and collaboration.

How many times have you been on a painfully-long email discussion with board members, or attempted to figure out which file is the most recent version of a group-edited document? How can a board include online engagement and collaboration tools as part of the board-building cycle? From recruiting new board members to building a stronger board, there are a range of board functions that can be done with current board portals and other online platforms. We’ll cover board readiness, what’s possible with portals, and good practices and common pitfalls when integrating new processes into how a board works. This interactive workshop draws on research from Idealware’s A Consumer’s Guide to Board Portals and BoardSource’s Leading with Intent: A National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices.

The session will be led by Karen Graham, executive director of Idealware, who utilizes multiple tools with her remote board, and Jeanne Allen, a BoardSource certified governance trainer, who teaches and facilitates boards as they move into new technology adventures. This workshop is primarily geared toward board members and those who work with boards. Those who aspire to be on boards or to work with boards will also benefit.


  • Learn the indicators of board readiness for integrating collaboration tools and online platforms
  • Discover various available technologies and how to determine the best fit for your organization
  • Identify good practices for change management and common pitfalls
Jeanne Allen
Jeanne Allen Consulting
Consultant and Trainer
★ Passionate about the network and technology mindset that nonprofits need to succeed in today's environment, board development to empower nonprofit boards, and capacity building ★Focused on creating effective nonprofit management and building relationships with and between volunteers, members and staff leadership and management; ★ Energized by building organizational capacity and implementing intentional organizational change; ★ Produces great results when facilitating strategic planning, positioning diversity as an opportunity, ★ Skilled in facilitation, building collaborations, community building and asking the right question.

Karen Graham

Karen is a sought-after speaker, trainer, writer, and consultant with expertise in technology leadership and innovation, nonprofit software, and digital strategy. As Idealware's executive director she leads a team of researchers, presenters, and writers who create technology information resources designed to help nonprofit leaders put their vision into action. Her past experience includes leading the technology consulting services and nonprofit technology learning and networking programs at MAP for Nonprofits, helping to build the nonprofit CRM/database solution provider thedatabank from a startup to a thriving software company, and various roles in arts and human services organizations. She holds an MBA in Nonprofit Management from the University of St. Thomas.