Steal Smart: What Nonprofit Fundraisers Can Learn from For-Profit Digital Marketers

Problem Statement

Budgets, time, and resources are all scarce in the nonprofit world. Let’s cast off some of those barriers by looking at what retailers and commercial marketers are doing that’s working—and talk about how can you apply it to your organization!

Is your swipe file or ideas folder full of Giving Tuesday subject lines and matching gift thermometers? While learning from our peers is crucial, there are also new trends and technologies that for-profit marketers are using to their advantage—and you can use them too, without breaking the bank!

Learn how to execute sophisticated cart abandonment campaigns by sending auto-triggered follow-up emails to people who start to fill out your donation form, but don’t complete their gift.

Find out about the latest in email automation, and how you can use data you already have to upgrade your supporters into donors and your donors into monthly givers.

Think social media isn’t for fundraising? Think again. Retailers are all-in on Facebook and Instagram advertising—and with the right strategy, you can reach your donors there too.

We’ll show you real examples from nonprofits who are making these tactics work for them and talk about how you too can monitor commercial trends and capitalize on them.

Tori Richards
CDR Fundraising Group
Associate Director, Digital Media
Tori oversees CDR Fundraising Group's digital media team and helps drive strategy through digital acquisition and donor renewal programs. In her direct response career, Tori has had the privilege of supporting over 40 different nonprofit, museum, and political clients in their fundraising efforts. Tori enjoys helping clients through channel integration – the intricate ballet of timing, message, creative, and audience. Known for her digital acquisition expertise and always up-to-date on the latest digital trends, she’s a frequent blogger and industry speaker. Tori has also received awards from the Direct Marketing Association of Washington, Fundraising Success Magazine, and the Integrated Marketing Advisory Board for her work with Wounded Warrior Project. She holds an MA in communications with a concentration in digital media from the College of Charleston.

Dan Clasgens
DAV (Disabled American Veterans)
Digital Marketing Strategist
Dan has been leading DAV's digital programs for over two years and has nearly two decades of content marketing and user engagement experience.

Natalie Schoeppler
Sierra Club
Marketing Automation Manager