Running Grand Central Station: Integrating Data from Multiple Sources

Problem Statement

Multiple Data Streams, Integration, Making it all work

Do you have a ton of data on constituents, prospects, and donors coming at you from a wide variety of sources? Looking for ways to integrate that data with your existing database in a way that makes sense, is consistent, and makes it easier to use and target those constituents in a meaningful way? Will you need a roadmap for navigating the human side of changing your culture and capabilities around managing all this data?

We’ll share challenges and strategies for getting data from dozens of different sources, integrating them, and creating insight and value for your organization from┬áboth practical and organizational development perspectives.

Amy Barker

Isaac Shalev
Isaac combines technical, product and digital marketing knowledge with a keen sense of how people and organizations relate to technology and change. As president of Sage70, Isaac helps nonprofit organizations envision change, plan strategy, and put technology to work.