Quick Tips and Checklist for Fundraising Conversion Optimization

Come to this session to learn how to mine your analytics to improve your fundraising conversion funnel. We’ll walk you through how to create a testing and conversion optimization roadmap, how to design better tests, how to set up tests correctly and when it makes sense to test and when it doesn’t. You’ll also discover new ways—and great tools—to make your tests statistically valid.

Three fundraising conversion experts will share best practices and real case studies from Human Rights Watch, the American Diabetes Association, BrightFocus Foundation, and more. This session will leave you with tons of ideas to optimize your website, email program, and advertising to boost your response.

Key takeaways:

  • How to identify website obstacles to giving or engaging
  • How to create a test map and calendar—and why you absolutely need to
  • How to create a test hypothesis
  • Tools and calculators you can use to test
  • How to use testing results across channels—from advertising and SEO, to email and website

You’ll also walk away with a free testing checklist you can use to guide your future tests.