Our Radical Fail Story: How a Lack of Perspective Stunted a Movement

It’s easy to get stuck in a singular way of thinking–in what you know. This is a story of two extremely different personalities that pushed each other outside of their comfort zones to launch a movement and platform. You will learn more about their journey, failures, and successes along the way.

Melaney Lubey
VP Marketing & Strategic Partnerships
In Melaney's current role at dailyKARMA at Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, she's able to blend her background in technology with her passion for understanding people. Prior to joining the dailyKARMA team, she spent over a decade working in the Los Angeles Startup Community - focusing on digital production, client services & community management. When Melaney is not working, she devotes time to birth & postpartum advocacy.

Patricia Dao
Patricia Dao currently serves as CEO of dailyKARMA. She has an extensive entrepreneurial background within the technology start-up industry with an emphasis on social and mobile platforms. Patricia has held pivotal business, operational and product development roles at 3 successful startups, including TagWorld.com/Flux.com (acquired by Viacom), Mozes Mobile (acquired by HelloWorld), and co-founded VoxBloc.com (acquired by Dominion Enterprises in 2012). She has also implemented social and mobile marketing strategies within major brands such as Red Bull North America, Nike, Ford, Universal, Warner, Sony and more. She served as Managing Director for Girls in Tech, Los Angeles for four years and frequently speaks and writes about women entrepreneurship, specifically the advancement of women in STEM fields.